Quebec 1995 Referendum Essay examples

Quebec 1995 Referendum Essay examples

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What political consequences would have occurred if Quebec had voted "Yes" in the 1995 referendum?
This discussion tackles the Quebec 1995 referendum, more especially regarding what would have been the consequence of a Yes Vote during the referendum. This topic is important, considering that it focuses on as issue of high political ramification, which has also found subsequent applications worldwide, with several other sections of different countries holding referendums to seek for a right to govern themselves as sovereign states. The significance of this topic rests in the fact that the Quebec 1995 referendum had a long political history which did not have an implication on Canada alone, but high potential implications on France, Britain and the USA, since a Yes Vote would have influenced the relationship amongst these countries .
The Quebec referendum that was held in 1995 was a second round of vote that was meant to give the residents of the Quebec province in Canada the chance to determine whether they wanted to secede from Canada and thus establish Quebec as a sovereign state. Quebec has had a long history of wanting to secede from Canada, considering that it is the Canadian providence that is predominantly inhabited by the French-speaking people, whose political relationship with the rest of the Canadian provinces, mostly inhabited by the English-speaking people has been characterized by conflicting ideologies . Thus, the 1995 referendum was not the first political attempt to have Quebec gain its own independence. The discussion holds that the Quebec 1995 referendum would have had both positive and negative implications. Therefore, this discussion seeks to analyze the political consequences that would have f...

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