Quasi Experiment of Outcome of HOPE Program: Drug Abuse Essay

Quasi Experiment of Outcome of HOPE Program: Drug Abuse Essay

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Evaluation Plan
The program evaluation will be assessing the outcomes resulting from offenders that were placed into the HOPE program versus those that were not.
As mentioned in previous assignments, the HOPE program is a rigorous probation sentence which entails submitting to random drug testing, mandatory appointments with law enforcement personnel, and the completion of counseling or drug treatment sessions while not repeating previous violations. Violations of the probation program will result in a swift and certain punishment of a short-term jail sentence. The swiftness and certainty to punishment are the keys in Beccaria’s theory to effective deterrence. The idea is for this program to prevent recidivism with its differing stance on probation. The offenders not enrolled in the HOPE program will be sentenced to a traditional probation program, which do not hold swiftness or certainty as the core facets of their structure.

Design of HOPE program
HOPE is considered a quasi-experimental design since its subjects are not selected randomly. All probationary subjects coming into the program in lieu of incarceration, who are sex, drug, or domestic violence offenders, were required to be in the program due to sentencing by the judge. The experiment group is those individuals sentenced to the HOPE program, while the control group would be those individuals that are undergoing standard probation protocols. The population will be individuals originally defendants in drug and criminal courts. These individuals will be categorized by the type of offense committed through nonequivalent group design. This will allow for effective comparison of individuals within each area of the program. For example, it is virtual...

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...ntially confounding the results since the lack of re-offense would be unrelated to the treatment. The validity of the possible Z factors is difficult to measure. Therefore I will utilize statistical conclusion validity, which will infer on the possibilities. It will also be necessary to evaluate the patterns that arise through the analysis of the experiment data regarding the recidivism rates, especially within the comparison between the HOPE program and the control group.
By using pattern matching, it will be possible to determine the level of success established by the program across the variety of offenses that are being tracked. It is to not only determine effectiveness of the program overall in a broad comparison to the control group, but also the level of effectiveness across the differing offenses. This will enable iterative correction of limiting flaws.

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