Quasars, Black Holes and the Expanding Universe Essay examples

Quasars, Black Holes and the Expanding Universe Essay examples

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So what the heck does a quasar have to do with a black hole? What is a quasar? Highly lit objects in space were recently discovered using radio telescopes. Cosmologists called them quasars, for lack of a better term. They appeared to be quite small, but illuminated the universe around them. To make a long story short, they turned out to be feeding, black holes. Feeding black holes? Black holes eat? What do they eat? Italian food? No, they eat matter and gases that get close enough to be lured in and swallowed up. As the black hole voraciously feeds, it becomes overloaded with gas and blows it out (just like people) causing an immense light. Black holes are at the top of the food chain in the universe. Quasars are simply black holes that are having a snack.
Using laser beam technology at the Keck Optical Telescope Center in Hawaii, the black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy was recently detected. Cosmologists lucked out when a massive, gas cloud approached the center of the galaxy. As it began its journey into the event horizon, or edge, of the black hole, it became elongated and traveled faster and faster. As the black hole began to ingest the gasses, it began to shine billions of times brighter than the Vegas Strip at midnight. The friction created by the swirling molecules caused the bright light. Feeding black holes do not gobble up their food in one mouthful. The gas cloud at the center of the Milky Way is not expected to be completely ingested until mid-2014.
Cosmologists are assured at the center of every galaxy is a preying, black hole, but not all black holes are the center of a galaxy. Some black holes, large and small, wander aimlessly throughout open space. Most physicists agree that any mass nearing the e...

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...pite the alleged differences that abound between believers and scientists, both sides can agree that the universe is an exquisite, mysterious, and super-elegant place.
Scriptural authors did not understand matter, energy, space, time, atoms, particles, strings, gravity, strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism, parallel universes, mathematical equations, and primordial soup (the only soup they were familiar with was made with lentils). Prophets of old knew that diversified life existed; they saw the stars in the Heavens, the oceans, the earth, and the sky. They attempted to explain how the world and living things came to be, something scientifically unexplainable at the time. They believed there had to be a source, one ultimate force responsible for everything in the universe. They visualized a beautiful creation and recorded it in such a poetic way.

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