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Quantum Teleportation is one of the newest areas of study in the field of quantum physics. It is the stuff of science fiction, which is fast becoming reality, where solid objects can be moved vast distances instantly. It has been the subject of books and movies for years but it wasn’t until recently that physicists at IBM’s laboratories made it a reality.

The ideas that formed the basis of these experiments came about from previous research by scientists such as Albert Einstein and Heisenberg. This essay will explore the research done on this subject, the theories behind it, and the possible applications.

Quantum teleportation is the idea that transporting matter can be achieved instantaneously by taking advantage of certain aspects of quantum physics. It is not possible to actually transport the matter, but rather, the properties of the object being transported can be applied to matter in a separate location. This newly created object is identical to the original down to the state of the individual atoms, and so is in effect the same object. The original object loses its properties during the process and is, in effect, destroyed.

This takes advantage of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen correlation (Quantum), also referred to as entanglement. When two particles are entangled they take on properties identical to each other regardless of separation. This means that if something alters one of the entangled pair it affects the other in the exact same manner. In order to transport something we have to start with one of these entangled pairs. One particle at the source location and one at the location we want to transport the new object to. We then take a third particle, which is what will be transported, and measure it in relation ...

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... in the field of computing. Because computers operate on a binary system it is possible that individual quanta cold be used to store information. This is possible because quanta can be in two states, horizontal and vertical. Using quantum teleportation information can instantly be sent from one point to another. An example of quantum computing could be if a person had to search a dorm for a specific item. Normally the person would have to go to every door in turn and look inside but if this were a quantum computer doing the searching it could look in every room at the same time.

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