Essay Quantum Mechanics and Reality

Essay Quantum Mechanics and Reality

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Quantum mechanics is the branch of science that addresses the aspects of reality inconceivable to the human eye. Despite being incorporated daily into our lives, quantum mechanics lacks the prominence of classical physics, biology and chemistry since its presence is not often acknowledged by ordinary people. This belittled branch of science belongs to quantum physics which describes the foundation of all things we know of and essentially describes physical processes and actions that take place in extremely infinitesimal levels such as on the molecular level to produce the things we see today. On the other hand, quantum mechanics fundamentally delves into probability and how things arise from it (Maudlin). Ultimately, quantum mechanics proves the false notion of the physical reality that we human blindly believe in since it is based purely on how our minds comprehend reality.
Foremost, an application of quantum mechanics within my life that had altered my typical sense of reality was when I was watching the television two years ago. Typically, we humans perceive what we only see through our eyes as physical reality. However, during that time, I had learned in science class that there is so much more occurring in processes and things we see every day that does not meet the eye. The appearance of objects and processes are actually the work of many tinier sequences occurring within that drive the object or process to look that way to us. This had struck my beliefs about reality quite hard since I realized that reality is only what we human can perceive. For example, we humans believe that a CRT T.V. appears to be running in a fluid motion but in truth what makes it work the way it does is the rapid firing of electrons at the screen ...

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...undation both are built upon. It also seeks to clarify our interpretation of reality as merely our minds at work and substantiate that there is more than what appears to the eye that create our perceptions. It is best represented as an everlasting branch of physics that will never be finished and always question what we deem as real.

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