Essay about The Quantum Computer and the Impact If Made Profitable

Essay about The Quantum Computer and the Impact If Made Profitable

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The Quantum Computer and the Impact If Made Profitable
The first all around computer was the ENIAC that was created 1940's. This computer
was basically calculator, capable of addition, subtraction, multiplying, division, sign differentiation, and square root extraction. Computers since then have continually been getting more compact while improving in memory, RAM, speed and user friendliness. The modern computer now has transistors the size of eleven atoms. Because of such minuscule scales that computers now use, computers have now reached a theoretical speed bump in proficiency. Scientists have created computer that uses electrons. This computer is called a quantum computer. A quantum computer was sold to google for $10,000,000.00 million dollars( citation needed). Many scientists and computer technicians consider quantum computers not commercially viable, but emerging technologies will bring the quantum computer to the populace. While there are several critics, could we theoretically create a quantum computer for $30,000? ( CITATION). This paper examines the current cost of a quantum computer and how it correlates to our world. This paper will also review the physics behind the quantum computer and the history. The quantum computer will be compared to the traditional computer as well as it's advantages and disadvantages that would come if the quantum computer was commercially viable. Some of the issues would be national, international, ecological, privacy or technological concerns.
Before this paper addresses the concerns and benefits of the quantum computer we need to understand the technologies that manage this computer. Every basic computer has two outputs that are either on or off. It is best described as a light switch that...

... middle of paper ...

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