Essay on Quantity Surveyors of Malaysia

Essay on Quantity Surveyors of Malaysia

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According to Boards of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM), currently, there are 345 registered quantity surveyor (QS) consultancy firms in Malaysia (BQSM, 2014). In order to remain competitive in the challenging construction industry, QS firms have to adopt the best strategy that suite them. Without proper planning, insufficient projects and remuneration will bring about bad cash flow and become eliminated eventually. Firm size is definitely affecting the choice of strategy used (Abidin, Nor’aini Yusof, & Adros, 2010). These firms may have different strategic orientation and affects the strategic planning process. Planning process will then bring impacts towards the firm’s decision in policy formulation and management style. Four types of categories are used to differentiate between these firms, which are the “Prospector”, “Defender”, “Analyser” and “Reactor” type. “Prospector” firms tend to be entrepreneurial, innovative and new opportunity oriented while “Defender” firms tend to defend the existing market. “Analyser” firms are the hybrid of “Prospector” and “Defender” types and may have relatively more stable and dynamic environment. The last type is the “Reactor” firm that have short term planning and changes continuously according to the latest needs (Hassan, 2010).
In Malaysia, business sizes can be divided into two big groups, which are small medium enterprises (SME) and large companies. There are various definitions of SME that are widely used in Malaysia. Although different organisations have different ways of defining SME, most of them usually include annual income generated, number of full-time employees and/ or total fund available. A widely used definition of SME is by the Small and Medium Industries Development Corpo...

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...ularly to the fresh graduates can aid in reducing mistakes and preventing serious legal issues. A mentor without providing any feedback is not an effective mentor and the mentor-mentee relationship is considered as a failure (Hoffmeister, Cigularov, Sampson, Rosecrance, & Chen, 2011). Every mentoring relationship is unique itself as different person will have different encounters and experience. The job nature may be the same, which is as cost consultant; yet, other factors such as firm’s working culture, working environment, technological advancement, human resource that vary will change the need of mentoring. Lesson learned must be able to be applied effectively in order to provide useful and practical advice to the mentees. Mentoring process and procedure must be updated from time to time to maintain its relevancy and accountability (Karallis & Sandelands, 2009).

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