Quantitative Research Methodology Using The Following Tools Essay

Quantitative Research Methodology Using The Following Tools Essay

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For this marketing research, I will employ quantitative research methodology using the following tools: questionnaires and interviews to determine how much more and existing and potential customers prefer the new NHP-2016 phone model to the existing model NHP-2013. Both the questionnaires and interview are primary research tools because they provide first-hand and accurate explanation. They are useful because they address specific questions and hypothesis in an authentic manner.
Bradley (2013) notes that questionnaires are research tools used to obtain important information about a targeted population. In this case, the target population is the potential buyers of the new NHP phone model. The questionnaires that will be developed for this research will address a specific question of whether the potential customers would prefer the existing or new model. The questionnaires will be unstructured meaning the questions will give the participants full freedom of response. The participants can respond in his or her own words providing in-depth information that may help the researchers make appropriate decisions.
An interview is an oral administration of a questionnaire or interview schedule (Marcus 2014). They are, hence, a face-to-face encounter. In order to obtain accurate information about the two phone models, I will have to gain maximum cooperation from the respondents. The interview schedule will contain most of the questionnaires, but these questions will be more probing. It will also help in clarifying information provided
This research will apply the survey, a research methodology that aims to collect data from a group within the population in order to understand the present status of the population as regards to the issue u...

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...systems are technical to operate and most likely, the employees have never encountered them. Even if the employees know something about the new system, training should be done to fully equip them with all the knowledge about the system. This will reduce the chances of error and improve efficiency.
The monitoring phase is crucial for ensuring that the installation and implementation of the new system is working. If that is not the case, monitoring should reveal this and solutions be created for the current situation and possible future problems.
When integrating a new system it is important to consider multiple varieties of the system and what features they have. This is beneficial when it comes to integrating the system according to the organisation’s policy. In addition, it helps the organisation choose the systems that fits its budget.

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