Essay on Quantitative Methodology For Quantitative Research

Essay on Quantitative Methodology For Quantitative Research

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Quantitative research involves the collection and converting of data into numerical form to enable statistical calculations be made and conclusions drawn. It provides a measure of how people think, feel or behave and uses the statistical analysis to determine the results. However, this measurement results in numbers, or data, being collected, which is then analyzed by using quantitative research methods (Byrne, 2007).
There are hypotheses or questions that the researcher wants to address which includes predictions about the possible relationship between two they are investigating (variables). However, in order to find answers to these questions, the researcher will have different instruments and materials, paper/complete tests and observation check lists and as well define plan of action (clearly). Notably, the main emphasis for quantitative analysis is on deductive reasoning which moves from the general to the public. However, this paper will use the previous topic to discuss the research problem, how quantitative methodology is used to address the research problem, state the purpose, propose research questions, identify and discuss a design that is associated with a quantitative methodology, and determine whether the chosen methodology and design best suited to address the research problem and questions.
Problem Statement
Organizational conflict arises when an individual or group perceives a threat to her/their interest. Most organizational conflicts in Nigeria emerge due to the inability of the system to fulfill the collective agreement with the employees (Ekong, 2000). This leads to employees quitting from the job. Another source of conflict exists between employees; arguments and competition for promotion, position ...

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...en Best Suits to Address Research Problems and Questions.
The qualitative method and research design chosen for this study best suit to answer the research questions and addresses the research problems. This is because:
• The statistic to be used will generate the finding.
• It often helps to reduce and restructure any complex problem to a limited number of variables.
• It will look at all the relationship between variables and will establish cause and effect in highly controlled circumstances.
• It will assume sample is representative of the population.
The descriptive research method is ideal for quantitative research and will not likely lead to any flaws in the reasoning process, which invalidate the results. It describes or summarizes, data, while the inferential statistics use methods to infer conclusions about a population from the sample.

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