Quantitative Article Critique On The Ethical Aspect Of A Study Essay

Quantitative Article Critique On The Ethical Aspect Of A Study Essay

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Quantitative Article Critique
In order to be able to critique a research article there are certain guidelines to follow. The ethical aspect of the study, the problem statement or purpose statement, the literature review, the study framework, and the hypothesis and research questions of the article must be critiqued. This is done in order to find the strength and limitations to the research. Therefore, determining if it can be used as evidence-based practice. This quantitative research article will be critique using some pre-design guidelines in Foundations of Nursing Research 6th edition by Rose Marie Nieswiadomy (2011). This guideline will help answer questions such as, if the study is ethical? What is the framework? What is the research question? And is the significance to nursing apparent? (Nieswiadomy, 2011).
Ethical Aspects of a Study
In this study is identify clearly that the institutional review board of the teaching hospital in Jordan approved the study, it also goes on to say that the ethical committee of one of Jordan’s Universities approved it as well (Tawalbeh, L.I., Ahmad, M.M., 2014). Written consent was obtained from all participants in the study (Tawalbeh, L.I., Ahmad, M.M., 2014). As per if any provisions for anonymity or confidentiality of participants in study it is not stated in the article. It does not appear that the subjects were coerced into acting as subjects and it does not seem like they were vulnerable since the criteria for choosing the participants was, “(a) mentally competent since cognitive impairment negatively affects the comprehension of the cardiac educational program content; (b) able to communicate verbally; (c) able to read and write Arabic language; (d) more than 18 years” (Tawal...

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... the purpose statement. Since this was a one group pretest-posttest study design there are no control groups. How the researchers try to control the internal validity of history, maturation and testing is not reported on the article. The researcher did try control instrumentation change.
Face validity of the two instruments was assessed by four experts in the
area of cardiovascular diseases who were employed as a faculty members in
Jordanian Universities. The results revealed that the two instruments were
valid and measuring what were supposed to measure (Tawalbeh, L.I., Ahmad, M.M., 2014, p.50).
This research design allows the researcher to draw a cause and effect relationship, “findings of this study confirm the importance of the cardiac educational program in improving the
knowledge and adherence to healthy lifestyle” (Tawalbeh, L.I., Ahmad, M.M., 2014, p.255)

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