Essay on Quality Record And Performance : M2 Construction

Essay on Quality Record And Performance : M2 Construction

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Quality Record and Performance:
M2 Construction is well known for maintaining the highest standards in regarding of Quality Performance. In order to achieve a completed project that meets the owner 's quality expectations, we require that all parties to a project must acquire an understanding of those expectations, incorporate them into the contract price, and commit in good faith to carry them out.
A LEAN Company is our best description and our business philosophy (creating more value for customers with less resources), which pursues to deliver what the customer wants, when they want it, at maximum value with minimum misuse.Through the application of LEAN, we achieve more fulfillment as it helps to reduce the possibility to constantly be fighting a battle against difficulties. Besides, we promote a Continuous Improvement Culture in our performance.
We encourage the development and application of innovations, best practices, Lean tools and techniques. In order to grow the capabilities of our workforce we provide bespoke training and support through commitment. As a result the company maintains a market head position and benefits from a fully engaged and satisfied workforce.
Therefore, we can only achieve the best performance through focusing on pursuing perfection; this means:
• We will focus not merely on identifying and mitigating risk in all of our activities, but on assure quality through communication, training, and development, everyone will have the competence to perform their tasks efficiently.
• We will demonstrate courageous leadership at all levels of the organization, constantly challenging the status quo, sharing best practices, and evolving our practices to eliminate risk.
• We will hold individuals accountable for...

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The materials sampling and testing program section should include:

• List of the tests to be conducted, material to be tested, the location of sampling, the organization’s name that will perform the test, and the frequency of testing.
• Testing must be performed on a pre-established schedule and will be executed under supervision of the qualified individual to validate the sampling; besides, must be implemented by third party testing services, and the Instruments used for analysis should be calibrated in accordance with established procedures.
• When test results don’t have accuracy, additional testing may be needed to authenticate the results.
• The weekly quality test schedule shall be distributed to the Construction Management field staff.
• Field Inspectors conducting the quality tests and inspections shall complete the Daily Construction Report.

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