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Quality Program
Quality programs have emphasized the need to improve quality in an organizations performance through product, process, or service improvement. These quality programs encourage growth beyond status quo that many American businesses have been satisfied with in order to compete the in global market successfully (Cohen, n.d.). One such quality program is the Deming’s 14 Point Philosophy which has been said to have inspired both the Total Quality Management and Six Sigma quality management programs (Mind Tools, 2013). Analysis of this program in relation to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) Bookstore will reflect several areas of opportunity for the bookstore to improve the quality of their operations.
UCCS Bookstore
The UCCS Bookstore is an institutionally owned bookstore that has serves the campus students, staff, faculty and community. The bookstore has recently experienced a massive amount of turnover and the once small cast of ten employees has shriveled to a cast of only five employees. The campus student body continues to grow however, so the reduction in employees does not indicate a reduction in workload by any means. This organization is slow to respond to change when fully staffed, and is floundering to survive in the face of the reduced number of staff.
The bookstore provides textbooks, course materials, supplies, clothing, gift, and insignia items to the campus community. The bookstore expends a great deal of effort collecting textbook orders from professors each semester, managing textbook inventory against orders received, and then retains, returns, or purchases based off the orders received and current stock. It can be challenging to obtain the needed information fr...

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...to measure individual performance in working towards the organizations goals. These performance indicators can be easily applied to every position, are measurable, practical, meaningful, and achievable if reviewed regularly and adjusted as changes are made in strategic planning these factors will ensure that every employee is striving to improve quality within the organization (Aguinis, 2013).

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