Essay about Quality Planning and Quality Assurance

Essay about Quality Planning and Quality Assurance

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What is quality
Management activities and function involved in determination of quality policy and its implementation through means such as quality planning and quality assurance including quality control. Quality management principals to all areas of business from starting (design) t end (delivery) and confining them only for production activities.
Significance of quality is ,to increased revenue and market share and through this it gives fast response to market opportunities. It helps to improve customer loyalty too. It is also helps to improve organization’s resources for customer satisfaction. They follow lots of procedure to maintain the quality of a certain product. group members often work on designing which creates workflows to ensure that proper work is done. This planning eventually helps to split the work between right person. Every organization must be loyal to its customers by ensuring the quality of product and building a loyal relationship with customers. Through, this , they will bring more customers which helps to increase sales and enhance the branding. Branding serves as a great identification to organization as well as customers. Quality will gives the real value to the product or serving, which will make it sustainable in the competitive market. Being a good quality products helps to increase more revenue. Achieving and maintain quality allows continual improvement and profit generation. If the quality of a certain product is high then it ensures customers always receive the product which exceed their expectation and decrease the time to market.
Competitiveness is the ability to provide products and services as or more efficiently and effectively than the relevant competitors for the company...

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...are fierce competitors. Over the past five years Audi has made a lot of progress in the U.S luxury market. With several successful new product including the A3, A5, A7 and Q5 which help them to increase share in the luxury market has almost doubled from 4.5 percentage in 2006 but last year 2013 it increased up to 8 percent however Audi’s to German rivals have also fared well. BMW share has climbed from 14.1 percentage to 16.9 percentage over the same time period and Mercedes Benz portion has increase from 13.0 percentage to 16.6 percentage. The gap in market share between BMW and Audi has declined little bit from 9.5 to 8.8 percentage points.


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