Quality Of The Teacher : An Assessment For Teachers Essay example

Quality Of The Teacher : An Assessment For Teachers Essay example

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From 1988 California has established an assessment for teachers as indicated by Lynn Larsen. Many teachers are assessed so the California districts know the quality of the teaching of the teachers. Without assessment, teachers are given tenure after two years of teaching at schools. This protects them from being fired over misleading comments by students, parents, and staff. Though, at many times this tenure is taken advantage of when a teacher has poor teaching skills or the lack of effort. For the reason of certain teachers not trying to teach their classes with the right effort and dedication, teachers should be given their tenure according to their evaluation.
Teachers are not always at fault when they teach students; it could be that they do not receive the proper result they prefer from their students. As Adrianna Kezar reports, “... little about the interrelationship among these studies, such as how working conditions might affect faculty performance and student outcomes.” (Kezar 154) The relation of how well a teacher can teach has no proven relation to how students perform. The author shows that the relation of the two do not matter so when teachers have their evaluation and have a good score on how they teach, this could not be related to how their students who are not comprehending the concepts and make the teacher seem to be a bad teacher. The assessment is another form of evaluation that takes place to tell whether a teacher is showing the right skills of a teacher or is a poor teacher.
Evaluating teachers was done for a reason as Larsen points out, “In 1988, California… performance based assessment.”(Larsen 151) The reason why it is important is because; there was an issue in the school systems because they didn’...

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...to put in the effort to help the students learn, so the students can be motivated in learning and this would also help the teacher earn tenure.
Since there are not many teachers who dedicate themselves to teaching for the students’ well-being, the teachers should receive their tenure according to the evaluation they have. At many times you cannot figure out how the teachers’ teaching affects the students in the class which makes them good or bad teachers. Also, there is an issue on how to tell if the teacher is good at teaching or bad, but then could be solved by being evaluated on different types of things that are necessary for teaching. Then if a teacher expects to receive tenure then they would earn it through merit, which is indicated from their assessment from admin and other teachers. Overall, teachers should earn their tenure through their evaluation scores.

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