Quality of life Increases in Correlation to Social Unrest in 19th Century Europe

Quality of life Increases in Correlation to Social Unrest in 19th Century Europe

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In the late 19th to early 20th century intellectual trends of the upper end of society differed vastly from the mindset of the general populace, with the mindset of social unrest largely trending towards the intellectuals of society. Due to the social welfare movements that were nascent in the late 19th century the standard of living for the mass populace in Europe did improve, which essentially meant said populace did not participate in the social unrest that was born in the minds of the society who disagreed with certain forms of social change. Primarily, the second industrial revolution in general greatly benefitted the masses in terms of quality of life. During the time of this second revolution, the two-intellectual trends that made the standard of living higher were political organization into specific parties and feminism. Radical thought that was originally a response to these aforesaid social changes was the sign of social unrest in response to the increases in standard of living. This radical thought evolved into something the contradicted the trend of the modern enlightenment and liberalism and eventually progressed towards more radical forms of social unrest such as anarchy. Clearly, the general quality of life did improve for most people in Europe throughout the late 19th to early 20th century, which meant that most people were not inclined to participate in activities that could be construed as social unrest; those who did were likely to be people who did not see increases in standard of living due to the second industrial revolution.
The advances that took place during the second industrial revolution basically were what made the increases in standard of living throughout most of Europe possible. Primarily, mechani...

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...fe spurred radical thought in response to change in society, specifically regarding the supposed flaws of modern society. Said radical though then evolved into forms of basic social unrest, which explains how positive changes for the majority of people in society can result in social unrest. Clearly, social unrest was first born in the minds of people who disagreed with social change and the repercussions that it in turn caused.

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