Essay on The Quality of Life for Working Students Living in Davao City

Essay on The Quality of Life for Working Students Living in Davao City

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Felce (2005) a quality of life defined as a highly subjective measure of happiness that is an important factor of many financial decisions. The factors that play a role in quality of life contrast according to personal preferences, but they often include financial security, job satisfaction, family life, health and safety. A model of quality of life is proposed that integrates objective and subjective indicators, a broad range of life domains, and individual values. It takes account of concerns that externally derived norms should not be applied without reference to individual differences. According to Felce (2005) a financial decisions usually involve a trade-off where quality of life is decreased in order to save money or, conversely, quality of life is increased by spending more money. Rosenbaum (2011) said that Quality of Life may also define in terms of the hierarchical need satisfaction level of most of the members of a given society. The higher need satisfaction of the majority in a given society, the greater the Quality of Life of that society. The institutions are designed to serve human needs in a society, and therefore a society's Quality of Life as well.
Quality of Life has a major elements and that is the ability to get quality health care, access to effective education and the removal and appropriate treatment of waste according to Rosenbaum (2011). A model of quality of life is anticipated that integrates objective and subjective indicators, a broad range of life domains, and individual values. The account of concerns that externally derived norms should not be applied without reference to individual differences. It also allows for objective comparisons to be made between the situations of particular groups and wh...

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...uality of life means. The idea that you take a survey repeatedly over a long period of time, with thousands of others, to figure out whether you are living a quality life is in the not-even-wrong category. That mental model is suitable for tracking your weight or height. Not for quality of life.
A variety of quality of life measures can be used for research purposes said Jacob (2009) such as economic decision making, and for decision making in clinical practice, but need to be tailored to these goals. In clinical practice quality of life measures are currently used for needs assessment and monitoring purposes. Chronic disease management systems, with the aim of delivering systematic multidisciplinary care that is also targeted at individual needs, often incorporate disease-specific instruments to assess needs and to monitor changes in perceived disease consequences.

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