The Quality Of Food Quality Audit Essay

The Quality Of Food Quality Audit Essay

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For an industry that can affect human health, it is important to understand and differentiate the terms assurance and control in quality. While quality assurance refers to the process that the food product goes through before it is presented to the customer, quality control is essentially the quality of the food product presented. Control is focused mainly on the adherence of the standards and assurance on the other hand is focused on the process but not specific requirements. While preparing potato crisps for example, quality assurance will explain the pre-set method or type of technology used in preparation and quality control will address the required health and nutritional standards or tests such as ingredients that brought together the crisps.

Discuss the objectives of product quality audits?

In determining the quality of food, it is important to have checks and balances which in turn determine whether the food meets the set standards. Consequently, the main objective of the food quality audit is to assess the finished product itself before it is presented to the consumer. These audits are mainly focused on quality of the finished product; determine the suitability of the production process and the ability to control the inspection function in the production process.

Explain the functions of quality assurance personnel?
Quality audits are performed by quality assurance personnel whose main function is to determine whether the system used in production meets the set standards, what is functional, the capacity of the process, its level of meeting the set standards and procedures. The personnel also make recommendations on the product produced the system used (Australia New Zealand Food Authority).

Define ‘quality’ accor...

... middle of paper ... note that ISO standards have different sub-standards for different industries.

Differentiate between subjective and objective methods of determining quality with examples?

In determining food quality, it is subjected to tests that look at the combination of attributes that determine its acceptability to the consumers. These tests can either be objective or subjective. Objective methods are based on human observations and are scientific. Objective methods look at the physical measurements such as the size, color and texture. On the other hand, subjective methods are largely based on the opinion of the assessors based on their training in performing such assessments. The main attributes checked are flavor, taste, odor and touch. Being opinionated, this method could be biased against factors such as the general well being of the assessor at the time of assessment.

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