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The Quality Of An Ngo Essay

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Quality standards pervade all aspects of society, from quality management systems standards for nuclear power stations to technical specifications for manufacturing bubble gum(Keystone and AccountAbility, 2006). For NGOs, the story is no different(see also Keystone and AccountAbility, 2006). NGOs were used to be known as ‘non-governmental ', ‘third sector ' or ‘not-for-profit ' organizations, but with ‘interest is the first ' permeating into nearly everyone 's mind, a project without profits tend to become less attractive to anyone, volunteers in NGOs are no exception. Profits have always been premised on good quality, which is regard as a guarantee for project or product to accrue interests. The quality of an NGO 's work is primarily determined by a series of uncertainties and flexibilities at all stages of project life cycle. Therefore, the central argument of this article is going to find out how these two factors influence the projects and which two quality management reforms could help to promote the NGOs project in the context of a complex environment. In doing this, comparisons will be made with two examples of Nokia and Lions Clubs International from their private sectors.
Quality(or performance)forms the third corner of the-cost-quality triangle which is the basis of project management(Albert Lester, 2007). To enable this consistency of performance to be obtained(and guarantee)the quality assurance, control, review and audit procedures have to be carried out in an organized manner(see also Albert Lester, 2007), which exactly the Quality Management is.
In a word, quality management takes charge in every aspect of quality functions.
The core of NGOs project is to meet spirit satisfaction in every member 's mind, who also ...

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...originated in United State and plays an active part among global NGO. In CCLC case, it takes distributed instead of hierarchical management model, namely CCLC establishes its brunches by region, and each club will distribute various projects to certain units. These units are responsible for the functions of the aid of natural disaster, donations, rural education and etc. This sub-regional, sub-team management model accelerates the development of LCI in China and also enhances project’s quality in most circumstance. Because each team has its own relatively clear goal to service certain areas, which achieve a unit of charities so that group activities do not need to ask for an action’s permission from a higher level of manager every time. Thus, both of their actions and services have been elevated to a more efficient level benefited from such a modular unit management.

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