The Quality Management Strategy And Quality Register Are Based On The Prince2 Principles

The Quality Management Strategy And Quality Register Are Based On The Prince2 Principles

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The Quality management Strategy and Quality register are based on the Prince2 principles.
Table of Contents
3 Introduction
4 Quality Procedure
5 Tools and Techniques
6 Records
7 Reporting
8 Time of Quality Activities
9 Roles and Responsibilities

3 Introduction
This Quality management strategy is to aid in helping the objectives for the development of the Innovation Community Centre. The strategy covers and follows all procedures in regards to both the work during the refurbishment and the products in operational use:
Ultimate responsibility for this strategy falls with the Executive Board.
The Project Manager will be responsible for upholding the strategy for the entire duration of the build.

4 Quality Management Procedure
The following steps are applied to the build’s quality management procedure:

Quality planning
• The quality expectations from the stakeholders will align with the description of the product and will be used to form the project’s acceptance criteria and will be agreed upon before any work commences.
• The University of Northampton will ensure that the project’s Quality Management Strategy (QMS) conforms to and aligns with the University of Northampton’s Corporate Strategy throughout the refurbishment which includes any quality standard agreements for any relevant quality processes, techniques or tools used for either the University of Northampton or any suppliers that the University uses in relation to work or products throughout the builds lifecycle.
• Descriptions of products used will be created for each product e.g. children’s play area or interior designs and need to include measurable quality standards such as and including methods to be used to check the product’s fitness for purpose and...

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Project Board Providing any details of the Quality Management System.
Provide Quality Assurance for the build
Executive Approves the (QMS) from a business viewpoint
Users Provide the customer’s accepted criteria and their expectations of quality
Approves (QMS) from a user viewpoint
Senior Supplier Approves all Product Descriptions
Approves (QMS) from a supplier viewpoint
Approves quality processes, tools or techniques.
Project Manager Fulfils documentation to ensure that the acceptance criteria and quality expectations of the customer are met.
Prepares the (QMS).
Prepares and upholds the quality documentation
Ensures that all team members uphold the agreed measures for quality control
Quality Manager Manages and maintains quality documentation in alignment with Project Manager.
Assembles quality register.
Advises Project Manager on the condition of the product.

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