Essay about Quality Education And Acceptance Of Gender Equality

Essay about Quality Education And Acceptance Of Gender Equality

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Access to quality education and acceptance of gender equality in Sub-Saharan Africa will lower poverty and increase economic productivity because it will expand the impact women have on business.
The prevailing society in Sub-Saharan Africa unintentionally perpetuates disadvantaging situations by remaining ignorant to women’s education and figuratively restraining them from participating in their local economies. Women were raised in a society that institutionally disadvantages women and that relies heavily on tradition. From the laws of the land to the culture that permeates the lives of Sub-Saharan denizens, women are not seen as productive members of the economy. These beliefs subjugate women from proper education, and the lack of education thereby reinforces the notion that women are unfit to take part in business. If this circular logic could be broken it would enable countries in Sub-Saharan Arica to take hold of their future, become international players on the world stage, and reduce corruption, exploitation, and economic strife that has riddled Africa for over the last century.
One of the key factors throughout history for cultural advancement has been education and by educating a society, the culture progresses and the economy improves. Unfortunately for Sub-Saharan Africa, there has not been importance given to education. This is especially true for women and girls’ education considering that “72% of school aged female children have never been enrolled to school compared to 55% of male children,” thus accounting for over “half of the primary school-age children who are not in school worldwide” (Osadan and Burrage 217).
Not only is it the case that women and girls are not included in education, but also that they ar...

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...y. In addition, they advocate to inspire a cultural change in the way society sees girls, noting that, “building public awareness on the social and economic value of girls’ education so that citizens themselves take responsibility for the task” (Osadan and Burrage 223).
Understanding the plight of women and girls in Sub-Saharan Africa is paramount to the growth of the economy, leaving half of the population without quality education limits the potential of the society. Nevertheless, the African spirit is within these women as they struggle to make their governments value there economic output and right to education. Creating an inclusive society, states are starting to see that they will benefit financially and are therefore becoming incentivized to include women in business. Eventually, releasing the potential of Africa that had been suppressed since its inception.

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