The Quality Alex Exemplified Was Democratic And Authoritarian Leadership

The Quality Alex Exemplified Was Democratic And Authoritarian Leadership

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The quality Alex exemplified was Democratic and Authoritarian Leadership. She gave orders and told us what she wanted each of us to do, but also took inputs, but in the end, I believe we gave less inputs and did what she instructed us to do.She told us what to do with the papers, Told us where to put them and how to put it. Handed out the materials such as tape. Told us where he thought we needed to add parts or take some out. Told us where she wanted the tape to be put. Overall I think she was a great leader and showed great command in the huddle.
My reflection on her style was she did a very good job! She showed great passion and valued other people 's input. She did not make it seem like even though she was the Leader of the group she did not step out of her boundaries. For me, I think it worked well because I love having a leader who is direct and Is a fun boss to work for. She was vocal and having fun and being what a leader should be like which is giving orders, but listening to others and at times hearing the idea but adjusting it to make it better.
Looking at the three leadership concepts and where I think each would be the most effective starting with Autocratic Leadership I think would work best for example at my job at the Linc. Before each event starts we walk into the Linc and there is a paper on the board of what each of our job is for that day. We go look and sit in our seats waiting for assembly. This works best because managers tell us our job for the day and If a worker tarts trouble they have the final say in what the outcome is for that person.. Also end of the season they do a review of who they want to bring back for the following season and who they want to let go. They do a check on what the supervisors ...

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... you do not want to make the situation worse by taking someone 's advice and it is becoming a bigger mess. For example, in High School I was talking to this girl and i really liked her and she was going to go to my high school prom with me. Turns out it did not work out in the because her few friends convinced her to go with someone else rather than me. She listened to their input, feedback and took their word on why it was not a good choice to go with me and i ended up going alone
Lastly- Laissez Faire- This was me back in Earth Science class where it was a group project and the leader of that project just sat back and did nothing. He did not read the assigned chapters and come ready to work on the project. He gave us sections to work on but did not give us a direction to go in. Did not give any feedback on what he thought about our research it was just a big mess.

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