The Qualities of Good Leaders Essay

The Qualities of Good Leaders Essay

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There are many qualities and characteristics a leader must have to be able to succeed in the long run. A leader has an impact on all of their followers. They need to make others feel inspired and make their followers want to lead a group of people someday. Leaders must be determined to achieve their goals every step of the way, and they always need to be strong minded. To be a quality leader one must have many qualities; such as being inspirational, committed to followers in what they are leading, and leading people in the right direction.
First, good leaders need to be inspiring. Inspiring leaders are those who make others feel moved and encouraged to do inspiring things in life and be a leader as well. Jack Lengyel, the coach from the movie We Are Marshall was an inspiration to many. In We Are Marshall all the football players were on a plane flight going to the championships and got in a plane crash. Football players, coaches, parents, teachers all passed away in the tragic accident. The only people that were left on the team were the players that were injured and could not go. Jack Lengyel came into the school and volunteered to be the coach of the new football team that he wanted to create in honor of the ones who have passed. He always motivated the new team of players to do better and to win for the team that is gone, and for them to do their best. He showed that succeeding was not impossible. Before the first game of the season for the new team he had a pep talk at the cemetery where the players of the football team from the crash were put to rest. He inspired the team to go out onto the field and win their first game and made the team players feel strong, motivated, and special. Lengyel started to talk about the team...

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...and needs to be devoted to their followers and dedicated to what they are leading.

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