Essay on Qualities of an Excellent Friend in Adventure Time

Essay on Qualities of an Excellent Friend in Adventure Time

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If you have ever seen a magical land filled with talking candy, princesses, and an evil ice king, then you have seen the television show Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. Adventure Time is about two heroes, Jake and Finn, and all the adventures they go on to save people in the Land of Ooo. The show is silly, but when you actually listen to the words and pay attention, it does include good advice and life lessons. Jake, the dog, is a talking dog with powers to change shape. Finn, the human, is Jake’s adoptive brother and best friend. The boys have been best friends and brothers since they were babies. In the three episodes, season 1 episode 16, “Ocean of Fear,” season 1 episode 22, “Henchman,” and season 2 episode 7, “Power Animal,” Jake proves he is a great friend to Finn and everyone should have a friend like him. In those three episodes, Jake helps Finn get over his fear of the ocean, uses his only wish to save Finn from the Gnomes, and gets over his own fear of vampires to save him from Marceline. Everyone deserves to have a friend like Jake, and you can evaluate your own friends based on everything Jake does to help Finn.

Jake makes a great friend because he helps Finn get over a fear. In season 1 episode 16, “Ocean of fear,” Finn discovers he is afraid of the water. Jake tries his best to help Finn get over his fear with a “three-step plan.” During step one, Jake wakes up Finn and has the room fall apart to reveal they are floating on the water. In step two, Jake unties Finn from his bed and he has to float on the water in his sleeping bag. The final step, step three, Jake pushes Finn under water with his jowls. After that, Finn freaks out, jumps on Jake and pulls his ears until he reaches land. After Finn be...

... middle of paper ... Marceline was not really evil, hid her in his backpack, but still told said, “I am free! Jake, you faced your fear and saved me!” (Cruws & Ward, 2010). Even though Jake does not know that Marceline is just playing a game with Finn, he still is always watching and trying to help his best friend. Any person would be lucky to have a friend that will help them even when they were scared.

Adventure Time is a silly show, but shows what a true friendship should look like. Everyone deserves a good friend like Jake. The best kind of friends are those who help you get over fears, help you out even if they were scared, and overcome any obstacles to help you. It is obvious that Jake loves and cares for Finn and would do anything to help him in a time of need. Finn and Jake have a friendship that everyone should want and look for those qualities in a friend.

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