Qualities of an Effective Leader

Qualities of an Effective Leader

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As I stated in unit 2 assignment, I am employed by small construction company and it is family founder company with top chain of command was positioned by both family members and founder’s friends. Most inspirational leader in this organization was founder which is CEO of the company. His leadership style is combination of both, contingency and behavior theories are best described of him. According to others sources, his leadership can be described as such “coaching leader, affiliative leader and pacesetting leader”. Coaching leader is developing employees and establishing a relationship and trust. This was very helpful in my case with company experience, since I have very little experience with construction trade. Affiliative leader is promotes emotional bonds and organizational harmony. His affiliative leadership gives me more emotionally bonded to company and its employees to keep in more harmony to adjust at first time when I was employed. Pacesetting leader is set challenging goals and keeping all level of employees exciting standards (company policy), expect excellence within trades. It works as motivation other than getting pay to do tasks of goal.
He was very trustworthy in every aspect in business dealing, especially; he never gives false hope with the job. He was willing to tell our and his own mistakes of trade and never hide his mistakes and willing to listen what other has to say about his mistakes. Furthermore, he is easily correcting his mistake with gratitude. Being a boss, he hardly exercises his authority to push his mistakes to other rather than acknowledge openly and ask for better suggestion. His characteristic is very predictable and consistent. In my experience with him was very consistent and this consistency gives me to build trust with him.
I may say my company owner is not leading leader rather than push and pull style of leadership. His contemporary leadership is mentoring with leading team. His closed teams are composed of three different department managers, which employees are sub-divided into different project team. Because being a boss, his is somewhat distance with front lines of employees. This is probably with many of other companies. His visions and goals are not directly delivered to front line of employees. This was always problem with our organization and his leadership lacks. Since, our company is small and family oriented business setting, it is better that leader, which is company owner, can come forward to address the issues of company’s agenda (company’s goal and any changes pertaining to well being of company).

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Qualities of an Effective Leader Essay

- As I stated in unit 2 assignment, I am employed by small construction company and it is family founder company with top chain of command was positioned by both family members and founder’s friends. Most inspirational leader in this organization was founder which is CEO of the company. His leadership style is combination of both, contingency and behavior theories are best described of him. According to others sources, his leadership can be described as such “coaching leader, affiliative leader and pacesetting leader”....   [tags: Coaching, Affiliative, Pacesetting]

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Another issue of his leadership is favoritism with particular employees or individual in company. I wish this kind of action should be avoided within organization. Sometimes, this type of treatment drives other employees become more distance than ever and one major issues leaving company with bad impression. As I mentioned earlier that he is willing to listen to suggestions but this case he not bending. We as managers, we have discussed with our leader regard to this issues. He openly acknowledges of his action but it is very hard to change. I believe this is due to family based business setting and he was never been conventional business setting. I hope one day he is coming out of mentality of family business notion.
Our organization power is distributed to three different departments: administration, marketing and accounting department. Owner holds absolute power within organization. Accounting department seems like doer rather than having any power over decision made. However, administration department has greatest exercise of power: power over marketing department and accounting department. Since, owner of company has absolute power; most of decision was influence by him rather than managerial power decision. This company runs somewhat monarchy system: sovereignty held by a single person. I wish that some of authority may share between departments as to be more profitable. For example, a company purchaser found better deal with different vendor for supply, other than company is currently dealing, owner always objecting to used current vendors for supply, even though, current vendors are more expensive. His power influences other department decisions: it is bad outcome and less profitable. He believes that it is royalties to vendors. I believe this kind of action is abusing authority.
Yes, strong political skill can be great tool to negotiating and using power of leadership effectively. It is family based business, there is no any political involvement, however, this is owned by minority. Our organization contributes to minority development with the community. Owner believe that minority need to develop and entering into main population. He is contributing his services to retired houses and less fortunate people’s houses. We believed that this is very good for community and its development. The ethical issues of his contribution and volunteering are very racial. Why not contribute to different community such as Hispanic or Black community as well? It is his personal understanding of ethnic group. I can’t say his action is wrong but it is morally unethical. We are in living age of “globalization,” and our community is composed many different ethnic groups and its cultures. Same time, he has different ethnic groups of the employees.
Our organization has many different conflicts but uttermost conflicts are power distribution and racism. Preview paragraph described how his is siding with community with his own race. Himself as a minority, he needs to understand different background of cultures and its people’s need as well. But very fortunate enough, he is hiring different ethnic groups as employment. Other aspect is power distribution with our organization, owner hold absolute power and running monarchy system of business. Like it said earlier that, if it is beneficial to organization, he should not object to its decisions of other departments. All other manager department is making decision behalf of company’s well being. Power should be distributed within its department and have all right to make decisions and able to implanting it without any objection from above (owner).
In conclusion, our company leader used different styles of leadership skills but it has many flaws, which is ineffective in organization: favoritism, racism and absolute power. However, he has virtues, he is willing to listen and have courage to acknowledge his mistakes, personality of consistency.

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