Essay about Qualities of an Adept Kindergarten Teacher

Essay about Qualities of an Adept Kindergarten Teacher

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Focusing on the Kindergarten grade level, teachers are trained to mainly facilitate student learning through play. Lecture style teaching is not the most effective teaching style at this age since children’s attention spans are extremely short. The idea of students learning through play is to help the student maintain longer attention spans in order to promote better learning.
Some of the requirements that teachers are trained in involve vocabulary, social, math, and science developmental skills. (n.d.) also states at this grade level teachers, “Learn how to create environments to facilitate development; how to select developmentally appropriate materials and equipment; and how to work cooperatively with parents to develop specific plans for helping their children in areas where they might need focused attention.” Teachers include many different tools into their curriculum to help them effectively be better educators and one of the important tools they turn to in order to help them meet all their requirements is the use of technology within their classrooms.
The kinds of technologies found in a Kindergarten class are electronic devices like interactive white boards that have replaced the good old chalk board. It is able to display the teacher’s computer desktop screen on the board and is capable of manipulating the desktop through its touch screen features. Only about 40% of Kindergarten classrooms are equipped with this type of technology but that will change in the future as more classrooms will have this device installed in the near future as they are able to afford it (Datta, 2011). Portable devices such as the teacher’s laptop or e-reader are used in some schools (depending on the t...

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...ents learning pattern in order to effectively guide the child down a path to academic success. Sasson (2010) states it best as she encourages Kindergarten teachers everywhere by saying, “Make Your Teaching Sparkle. Teach for Success. Make a difference in the classroom.”

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