Essay on Qualities Of A Successful 21st Century Leader

Essay on Qualities Of A Successful 21st Century Leader

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There are many different characteristics and skills that a successful 21st century leader must possess. Being able to adapt to change, break boundaries and stay grounded are a few of the many skills that a success leader must have. In my school, work and community, I have had several opportunities to demonstrate my leadership skills. I very much enjoy being put in a position to lead people and I put my all into my task. When I go down to IUPUI, I plan to enhance my leadership skills to help me accomplish my personal and professional goals.
Times are changing rapidly and I believe that the most important skill that a 21st century leader must posses is the ability to adapt to change. Many leaders have this ability and when the competition adapts to change, the ones that don’t get left behind. 21st century leaders must stay on their toes and they must be willing to compromise beliefs in order to keep up with the times. 21st century leaders must be able to stay grounded and be self-aware. I feel like these two skills go hand in hand. Leaders need to be able to “be grounded” regardless of negativity going on around them. In order to stay grounded, leaders need to be self-aware. Being self-aware is knowing the kind of person you are and recognizing what you need and when you need it. If a leader isn’t self-aware, they may not be able to recognize when they’re losing control. If they lose control of a situation, it will become extremely stressful for themselves. They leader won’t remain grounded. If the leader isn’t grounded, there won’t be any successful product of the group. If the leader does lose their footing, they need to depend on the other people for help. In order for a leader to get help, they need good communication skills.

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...nt to follow someone’s lead for longer than I have to. I need to be able to communicate with my nurses and with the residents that I will be working with in order to make sure that the surgery goes exactly as planned. I need to adapt to the new changes as well in order to be a great surgeon. The medical field is notorious for changing, it needs to change all the time though. Scientists are always finding new discoveries about the body and doctors are always coming up with new, more effective procedures. In order to survive in the medical field, it is vital to keep up with new changes.
In order to be a great leader, it is necessary for the leader to adapt to change, stay ground, be self-aware, and to have good communication skills. I cannot wait to go into college and bring my leadership skills to the school and not only to bring them to the school but to enhance them.

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