Qualitative Research Article Analysis : ' Students ' Perceptions Of Holistic Nursing Care

Qualitative Research Article Analysis : ' Students ' Perceptions Of Holistic Nursing Care

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Qualitative Research Article Analysis
Purpose of the Study
According to "What Is Qualitative Research?" (2015), " Qualitative research is designed to reveal a target audience’s range of behaviors and the perceptions that drive it with reference to specific topics or issues” (pg.1). The goal of the research article titled “Students’ Perceptions in Holistic Nursing Care” is to review the ability of student nurses to provide care to patients on a spiritual level. Holistic care includes the patient’s spiritual needs as well as the needs of the body and mind. Spiritual care is challenging to define let alone teach and often uncomfortable to discuss with patients. The spiritual care is an integral part of the patient as holistic care is defined. It is noted that many student nurses are uncomfortable with discussions that surround the patients “spirit” when providing patient cares. This uncertainty presents a challenge with care delivery for the patient’s spiritual needs if the nurse is not educated about this phase of care.
Research Objectives, Questions, and Design
Nursing students from three different levels of nursing preparation participated and were evaluated in this study. All nursing students in each academic level were offered a six-week elective course to help teach about holistic care. The students were assigned to write journals in a format that was called a “BLOG- B = Background information, L = Lessons learned, O = opinions, G = growth” (Boswell, Cannon, & Miller (2013). “A total of 125 enrolled students participated in this class the data was collected through convenience sampling of BLOG entries from 15 traditional BSN students, 15 RN-BSN students, and 15 graduate/nurse practitioner students. Fifteen BLOGs from each of...

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... that the results of the study were clear and that in increase emphasis on spirituality and holistic care needs to be incorporated into all levels of nursing instruction, (Boswell, Cannon, & Miller (2013). The study didn’t use a comparison group that may have yielded pertinent information such as; the feelings of students who had not received holistic education including their individual comfort levels discussing spiritual matters with clients. Students who have been in health care setting before without additional RN training these students may feel they have sufficient hands-on experience that allows them comfort in Holistic Care. Without a study that could show additional information such as this, the results of this research study may not have enough value to firmly correlate the need for additional classroom time of this subject.

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