Qualitative Research Answers Open Ended Questions Essay examples

Qualitative Research Answers Open Ended Questions Essay examples

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Qualitative research answers open-ended questions such as “why” or “how”. It helps me to remember this by seeing how closely the word qualitative resembles the word quality. Qualitative research is looking for qualities instead of sheer numbers. “Qualitative research methods allow research subjects to answer questions in their own words or even in ways that do not use words.” (Kolb, Bonita, 29)
One example of a qualitative research method is a focus group. A focus group includes a moderator and a group of selected participants. In this focus group the moderator will not offer any opinions but simply ask questions of the group and keep the discussion on track. The participants will be able to veer away from the set questions prepared by the moderator as long as they are staying on track of the overall topic.
When I think about the use of focus groups in the creative industry I first think of the TV show Mad Men. In this show, whenever the creative team is working with a new product, they bring in a sampling of participants in the target market of the product into a conference room. The group is asked their thoughts on the product and the creative team is able to gather necessary information on how to market to the selected demographic.
A second example of qualitative research is using projective techniques. Projective techniques look at the participants overall response to a question or situation rather than only seeking a verbal answer. “Some simple projective techniques include word association, story or sentence completion and cartoon techniques.” (Kolb, Bonita, 34)
This technique can be beneficial when children are the target market being researched. It might be difficult to get comprehensive answers from a group of childr...

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...here is no middle ground, they either stop or they don’t.
It is best to use quantitative research the answer to the question being research needs to be answered with a fact. If the researcher is trying to prove that something is right or wrong, the best method to use is quantitative research.
I will be using both type of research when completing my course research project. I will be using qualitative research when conducting interview of my clients. In the interviews I will be asking open-ended questions and let the conversation guide the flow of my questions. I will be using quantitative research when administering surveys and conducting observations. The surveys will have yes/no, multiple choice and how many questions. During the observations I will be counting the number of Facebook posts were engaged with, noting the time of day and the content of the post.

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