Qualitative Data Analysis Tools For A Number Of Qualitative Software Analysis

Qualitative Data Analysis Tools For A Number Of Qualitative Software Analysis

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As the application and the availability of a number of qualitative software analysis tools increase, so does ambiguity that relates to which of the tools should be used amongst the many tend to rise. As evidenced, the role of the different software analysis tools in assisting researchers in the analysis of obtained data is presently getting important. As such, different tools have been developed to carry out analysis of different sets of qualitative data obtained form the field. Thus, the applicability of the available tool depends on its accessibility, the use of use the amount of data that it can handle and its affordability. It is from the emergence of the many data analysis tool that this paper will discuss some of the available tools by stating their advantages as well as their disadvantages.
Comparing and contrasting the commonly used tools
This paper will discuss three qualitative data analysis tools that include NVivo, Dedoose and ATLAS.ti. These three qualitative data analysis tools are used for the same purposes but their approach to reaching the results are different. Each of the tools has both its benefits and disadvantages.
NVivo is made to enable its users to gather and organize data that is considered to be unstructured for qualitative analysis. The tool allows for data to be imported from various different applications as well as different social media sites while at the same time allowing for auto coding thus leading to quick analysis of large chunks of data. During coding the tool involves a drag and drop feature while at the same time providing an option of hierarchical analysis. Those media files that result from NVivo transcription tend to be automatically synced to the files original media fil...

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...ime providing discounts for students and different teams. The tool is web-based, is compatible with a number of operating systems and comes with its own support services thus making it user friendly. It provides a very simple coding process thus making it simple for learners to apply it simply in their studies.
From the nature of study that I will be undertaking, I strongly believe that I will be in need of an appropriate software package for analyzing the obtained data. Some of the data that will be collected will be qualitative in nature and thus, making it useful for policy makers will call for data analysis and interpretation using a given software. As such, from the three software packages analyzed in the study, NVivo seems to be appropriate for the study since it seems simple to apply and its application will not present a big challenge to me.

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