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The purpose of the article I reviewed by Hadley and Hanley (2011) was to investigate the experience of men that are involuntarily childless. Because existing research concerning infertility and childlessness is generally oriented around the female’s experience the researchers aim was to focus solely on the male’s issues and perspective. From the study the researchers hoped to learn more about men’s desire for fatherhood and issues childless men may be confronted with. This qualitative study utilized grounded theory. This type of research was utilized because there is a lack of existing research on the topic of childless men’s desire for fatherhood. By using this theory researchers were able to obtain information and insight into the participant’s reality which resulted in invaluable information.
The sample consisted of 10 white, biologically childless men that were obtained through snowball sampling. Flyers to recruit participants were posted in retail stores, universities, and counseling facilities in addition to 300 emails sent to individuals in a database. The participant’s ages ranged from 33 through 60 years old and beyond. Participants were asked about their experiences as an involuntary childless man during a semi-structured face-to-face interview in various locations that were convenient to each participant. Participants were asked eleven open-ended questions that examined the participant’s perspective on such topics as advantages, disadvantages, attitudes, discrimination, external pressures, and overall feelings. Each transcript, after being approved the participant was transcribed and three meta-themes were developed out of the core category using grounded theory. The type of data source that was utilized in the study w...

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...ehaviors because factors such as age and ethnicity could potentially play a large role. The study’s results could be applied to the practice of counseling by using the information to better help men that are involuntarily childless. From the results it is known that each man is going to have a different perspective when it comes to his feeling about being childless. Some men may feel a sense of loss or depression. It is important to work with these men from where they are and not to have assumptions. When working with these clients life stage may also be an important factor to consider, but most importantly it is their subjective view on their reality that matters most.

Works Cited

Hadley, R., & Hanley, T. (2011). Involuntarily childless men and the desire for fatherhood. Journal Of Reproductive & Infant Psychology, 29(1), 56-68. doi:10.1080/02646838.2010.544294

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