Qualitative And Qualitative Research Methods Essay

Qualitative And Qualitative Research Methods Essay

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To collect valid and reliable data for the investigation, the researcher combined qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct “mix methods research” (Creswell, Plano, Gutmann & Hanson, 2003, p.42) because Dörnyei (2007) claimed that qualitative and quantitative methods had equal contribution in theorising as they can support each other. Furthermore, the two methods were adopted to attain an entire understanding of a target phenomenon or to justify one series of results against the other (Sandelowski, 2003). As regards quantitative and qualitative methods, according to Conrad & Serlin (2011), qualitative research methods paid attention to exploring the experiences, perspectives, and mindsets of the participants. In other words, the qualitative research investigates the meanings, purposes, and realities. By contrast, quantitative research methods were used to actualise and generalise the findings (Lincoln & Guba, 1985). Three data collection instruments were used: survey questionnaire, classroom observation, and stimulated recall interview as Nunan (2005) indicated “classroom researchers appear to be increasingly reluctant to restrict themselves to a single data collection technique, or even a single research paradigm” (p.237). Mix-methods study, thus, helped the researcher check the consistency among the data collected from different methods.

1. Survey questionnaire
The questionnaires for the teachers helped to find out the answers for the three research questions. The questionnaire was chosen as one of the data collection methods because it had many strengths. The attraction of survey questionnaire was its effectiveness as regards the researcher’s effort, time and finance (Dörnyei, 2007; Mackey & Gass, 2005). Indeed, accord...

... middle of paper ...

...irmation of confidentiality was also made that all of the teachers were willing to sign the forms to agree to take part in the research. After being shared the link by the CEO of the centre, all of the teachers quickly got access to the link and finished the questionnaire.
2. Classroom observation
The classroom observation sessions were conducted in six speaking lessons of 6 classes. Each teacher and his/ her class were observed only once. The staffs in the English centre were asked to video the lessons. Before the filming, all of the teachers and students were introduced the research topic as well as research purpose. Moreover, they agreed to be captured and videoed as they had signed the forms.
The focus was on students’ errors, teachers’ use of CF and students’ uptake. After receiving the videos from the staffs, the researcher watched the clips and took notes.

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