Qualitative Analysis : Qualitative Research Essay

Qualitative Analysis : Qualitative Research Essay

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Qualitative Analysis
Qualitative research presents academic information I manner that does not utilize numerical analysis of the findings. Research is depicted with non-statistical descriptors and according to (Wood, 2010, p. 56); “one important sense in which the term ‘qualitative’ is used is simply to refer to the use of data which yields a deep and detailed picture of the subject matter”. Analysis of qualitative research requires the reader to examine several aspects in order for the research to deemed high quality. To begin an analysis the reader needs to make sure the information answers the research question and making sure the data is presented accurately and according to how the findings occur throughout the investigation. The author is to use software to collect data, and in multiple stages of analysis. High quality qualitative research also requires differing strategies to validate findings, how his/her role is influenced by the findings as well as implementing several perspectives into the description. And lastly, the description includes people, places or events in order for the reader to better identify with the participants of the investigation.
Research Questions and Data Collection
The authors of this article clearly define the research questions at the beginning of the article. This enables the reader to have a map to the body of the investigation. As the article progresses it continue to follow the research questions as stated. They separate each question into its own part of the article with level 1 headings. As each question is answered summarized findings that the reader can trace directly back to research questions. The authors present the findings and validate them with direct quotes from part...

... middle of paper ...

...ed to by a male health worker during labor was common in rural health facilities where it was seen to be culturally inappropriate to be attended by the opposite sex during labor (Mutale, p. 297).
This description clearly defines one of the critical elements that has hindered delivery of quality healthcare for the people in Zambia.
The authors have created a strong qualitative research article. It portrays a clear picture of the people places and events that have shaped the healthcare weaknesses in Zambia. It has been validated with differing methods of collecting data like focus groups and interviews with participants. Finally, the authors are consistent with maintaining a link between the research and findings with the original research questions posed to explore. All of these aspects are critical to constructing high-quality qualitative research.

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