Qatar, a Middle Eastern Country Essay

Qatar, a Middle Eastern Country Essay

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Qatar Background Research

Background Research


Qatar being a desert environment, most people think that it is not possible to grow plants there. This is not the case. There are 5 different soil types to consider throughout Qatar:
● Rawdha soils: these soils have a small amount of organic matter, low water retention properties and poor structural properties. Also, rawdha soils give rise to surface crusting which interferes with the plant-air-water relationship and inhibits the emergence of seedlings.
● sabhka soils: are soils that are made of sand.. Most of that sand in these soils is driven by wind, which makes it structurally unstable and unsafe for travelers.
● Lithosols: The most common soil in the region. Relatively shallow, 10-30 cms in depth and are a calcareous sand loam, covered with rock debris, overlying a layer of rock fragments over limestone bedrock.
● Marine fill: was used a lot in the creation of Doha.
The sandy nature of the soils makes them difficult to build on due to them being less structurally stable than other soils. This is important to consider when developing. There is also simosa limestone present on the site. The limestone bedrock consists of light brown to light greyish pink and red. The limestone is moderately weak to strong. Strength can vary depending on amount of rainfall.

There are many different species that live in Qatar. There seems to not be a lot due to the harsh environmental conditions but there actually is quite a few species of wildlife that call Qatar home. There are some mammals but there are also a lot of insects like spiders.

● Mammals:
○ Arabian oryx, Oryx leucoryx- can be seen only in private zoos and the public zo...

... middle of paper ...

...vals. It takes 3 days to obtain these approvals from the same window. There is only one interaction between the contractor and the MIA in this step. Every other interaction that takes place within the three-day period is internal within the one-stop shop.
Agency: Municipality of Industrial Area 3 days no charge
14 Register the building

The Municipality of Industrial Area submits all data online and updates the database on a regular basis. Silence-is-consent rules apply in this procedure. Most people do not use the electronic database because they find the process faster when it is done manually.
Agency: Municipality of Industrial Area 0.5 days no charge
* 15 Obtain water connection

Agency: Kahramaa 5 days QAR 20
* 16 Obtain sewage connection

Agency: Ashghal 5 days no charge
* 17 Obtain telephone connection

Agency: QTEL 15 days QAR 220

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