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Pyramids Of Giz The Seven Wonders Of The World Essay example

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Pyramids of Giza
The Pyramids of Giza found in Egypt are amongst the Seven Wonders of the World. Standing at a height of 147 meters and weighing about 6.5 million tons, these artificial mountains are a breath taking scene to look at. For over 3,800 years, these Pyramids were the highest man-made structure in the world. It is approximated that 2.6 million blocks of stone must have been used to build these pyramids that occupy close to 13 acres of land (John, 2014). Each block of stone has been found to weigh between 2 to 20 tonnes. As a result, The Great pyramids have provoked many questions along the generations. What power was used to lift such heavy stones? How did they raise and transport the stone blocks across the desert from their original position, and then place them on top of one another in order to construct the pyramids? How did the workers cut the blocks with such high accuracy and precision and fit them in place? Above all, what was the motive of building the pyramids? The construction of the pyramids must have required very many people, in fact millions of them. From where were they brought? Besides, how would they have been housed, fed, and transported? This paper explores two scholarly theories which could explain the mystery behind the construction of the pyramids. Besides, the most plausible theory is identified, and reasons to support this theory’s claim are presented.
Not only is the actual building of the pyramids a mystery, but its mathematical, geographical, and astronomical significance and precision is puzzling too. Mathematically, it has been found that the ratio of its base circumference to its initial height is equivalent to the value of 3.14. Its 230 meters long square base is situated along the compas...

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... the archeological writings on the walls don’t lie. There is a high possibility that the workers inscribed on the walls to give the future generations an idea of the huge number of people that were involved in the biggest project of their era. From my perspective, it was possible to construct the Great pyramid with a populous skilled personnel laboring over a period of two decades, with a ruthless dictator watching their backs.

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