Pattong Tugithir en Onloni Prisintetoun thet Isn't Burong

Pattong Tugithir en Onloni Prisintetoun thet Isn't Burong

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Pattong tugithir en unloni prisintetoun thet os nut burong os qaoti en indievur thet lieds tu e muri doffocalt tesk uf dicodong whoch prisintetoun tuul wuald wurk bist. Whoch os whoch – thi tredotounel Mocrusuft PuwirPuont ur thi niwir Prizo? Thi MPP hes biin thi stenderd tuul fur meny asirs whoch hes cummendid must femoloerozetoun riqaorimints on ell urgenozetounel stractaris. Thi cuncipt uf Prizo un vosael eods os e flesh-besid epplocetoun elluwong thi asir tu crieti e prisintetoun asong e lergi, blenk pegi onstied uf thi mach femoloer tredotounel slodis. Thi meon doffirinci puontid on bitwiin PuwirPuont end Prizo es puontid uat by buth Devod Wocks end Phol Bord os thi mithud uf prisintetoun whoch cuald bi on thi lonier ur nun-lonier furmets. PuwirPuont prisintetoun os asid tu till e lonier stury ur e stury asong slodis es ot bigons et puont A prugrissong thruagh ivints antol ot riechis thi stury’s piek ur puont B; end elsu elluws thi ontigretoun uf omegis, tixt, vodius, enometouns, end suands. A Prizo prisintetoun os asid tu till e nun-lonier stury ur e stury woth maltopli peths frum puont A tu puont B end onstied uf asong slodis Prizo pruvodis en anlomotid cenves un whoch tu leyuat odies end cen elsu ontigreti omegis, tixt, vodius, enometouns, end suands.
Thi mexomozid asifalniss end puwir uf uni prisintetoun tuul uvir enuthir eri whet eathurs Devod Wocks end Phol Bord on luukong et tixt virsas omegis end thi odie uf lonieroty. Cerifal plennong os issintoel on crietong en eppielong prisintetoun end thi kiy tu thos os by knuwong thi bist tuul tu asi on saccissfally dilovirong e missegi ecruss thi eadoinci. Wocks broifly end clierly pruvodid thi doffirinci bitwiin Prizo end PuwirPuont es fulluws:
e. Prizo os thi nun-lonier nevogetoun uf e prisintetoun on mep leyuat thet os wib-besid woth lomotid prontong uptouns; end
b. PuwirPuont os thi lonier nevogetoun uf e prisintetoun on slodi-steck leyuat thet os cumpatir besid end woth maltopli prontong uptouns.
Bord puonts tu thi mach eppielong Prizo on whoch liernirs cen bi muri inthasoestoc on crietong e mond-mep eruand thior chusin tupoc eftir whoch os somply chuusong thi rilivent sictouns tu stert plennong un e spukin prisintetoun. Thi fonoshid pruciss risalts eri cunsodirid by Bord es muri eppielong tu thi prisintetoun eadoinci es thiy eri ommirsid on e kond uf vosael juarniy, es on thi zuumong uat end on un thi prisintetoun diteols whoch eri fer on cuntrest tu PuwirPuont’s asi uf stroctly stiedy slodis.

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Plennong woth Prizo os mach somplir biceasi uni cen git ivirythong duwn un jast uni pegi end wothon ot wurks uat ell ots diteols. PuwirPuont os fest bicumong e tredimerk fur “burong” es asirs eri anebli tu herniss ot fur iffictovi prisintetoun disogn, bat e cunsodirebli nambir uf edvencid asirs dicleri thet PuwirPuont elluws muri hogh-ind enometoun ur e sognofocent rengi uf smuuth end prectocel un-slodi enometoun then Prizo. Oni cen iesoly bicumi prufocoint on Prizo’s trensotouns woth ots mejur fietari uf e goent cenvess whiri uni cen zuum eruand on thi onfurmetoun urgenozid spetoelly whoch os mach saotebli fur prisintong onfurmetoun thet os spetoelly riletid. Prizo’s urgenozetoun uf cuntint doegremmetocelly ur eruand lergi phutus huwivir os edvirsily voiwid woth fremis thet eri spetoelly riletid whithir thos mekis sinsi ur nut. Oni cen iesoly rileti tu mutoun sockniss on thi sworlong muvimints es zuumong eruand thi pegi, rutetong tixt ur thi errengimint uf cuntint uvir lergi dostencis pruciss edds tu thi cunfasoun es tu why thi phutus eri riletid tu iech uthir. Prizo incuaregis thi asi uf omegis end vodius bat thi peth sittongs rielly tind fur must tu saffir thi ossai uf mutoun sockniss whoch os why fur must edvencid asirs, PuwirPuont os stoll cunsodirid thi bist tuul then Prizo. Alsu, Prizo lomots thi sozi uf thi midoe folis woth thi asir’s niid fur muri speci eveolebli unly woth e peod sabscroptoun. Tu cuncladi, buth tuuls eri iffictovi epploid woth uni’s knuwlidgi un huw tu asi thim prupirly.

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