Putting Logistics Modelling And Simulation Into Training Practice Essay

Putting Logistics Modelling And Simulation Into Training Practice Essay

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Putting logistics modelling and simulation into training practice
KEYWORDS: Logistics, Modelling, Simulation, Case study, Training.


Training customers are increasingly critical of courses, classes, learning plans, and about all noise around logistics training needs that public or private high schools put on market. Thus, there is a great need to have practical objectives that correlate with subjective impressions of these sounds in order to set staff targets at the company or management level.
Link Simulation & Training, change our connected image with partners companies selected by projects involvement together, but also as a provider of logistics training services ranging from staff training systems development to simulation and training research. By analyzing real-life examples extracted from there own environment, support staff at the operational level can investigate which characteristics of a solution methodology are acceptable or unacceptable.
1. Introduction
This document describes (briefly) the processes, methodology, and tools used in ESAN to manage the functional requirements of the logistics training system and trying that some forms of learning attempt to get close as possible to the real situation. Simulations, for instance, represent the complexity of a real business or manufacturing situation. Granted, it’s difficult to make learning as realistic as those on-the-job situations, though many are working toward this ideal. Although creating technical simulations is fairly straightforward, such as how to fly an airplane, it’s more difficult to simulate realistic logistics examples.
2. Logistics simulation
Simulation technology has come a long way in the last ten years; we now have available powe...

... middle of paper ...

...be achieved from a place in a given amount of time
• The cost of servicing one location from another.
Repeat this task for every country area we deliver to and we can locate which area would be cheapest given your service level requirement.
Using a similar method we can take into account inbound costs. Add in the ability to model multiple sites and we have a very powerful aid in designing your distribution strategy.

In this document, the logistics simulation processes, used at ESAN to analyse and validate purpose and the requirements of logistics systems has been described.


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