Putting an End to Illegal Immigration in California Essay

Putting an End to Illegal Immigration in California Essay

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California is home to more than two million undocumented immigrants as of 2010. Since this is a current issue and is not only affecting the citizens of California but also the government of California; this is the controversial issue I will be discussing in my paper. Due to having my own legal citizenship and being an educated member of society this topic comes with responsibility for civic community participation to break down and stop this illegal immigration from occurring. The fact that illegal citizens are doing more harms than good to U.S. citizens is greatly affecting all America. This is why I believe the Government of California should deport illegal immigrants to their home countries, if they are not following the laws that the rest of U.S. citizens have to follow.
Illegal immigration has long been a crisis in the United States; with origins of illegal immigrants dating back to the late nineteenth century. In 1875, “a federal law laws passed which prohibited the entry of convicts and prostitutes” (EII) and with this, this became the first step in allowing immigrants to come into America. In 1892 Ellis Island was the New York’s portal for immigrants. However, these immigrants did it the right way, they were required to “prove their identities, answer a series of questions, find a friend or relative who would vouch for them, and were scanned for physical ailments” (EII) something that undocumented immigrants do not do now. From the span from 1881-1920 occurred a huge wave of immigration with nearly 23.5 million immigrants fleeing the US from all over the world. During this time each year, the U.S. would have to cut immigration down to meet the quotes and provide a healthy dose of ethnicity to make...

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