The Pursuit Of Influencing Outcomes Of Social Advocacy Essay

The Pursuit Of Influencing Outcomes Of Social Advocacy Essay

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Social advocacy is the act of arguing on behalf of an individual, group, idea, or issue in the pursuit of influencing outcomes. Social advocacy is actually getting out and advocating for a client, they are change agents who speak out on behalf of their clients. Social justice is a belief in a just world that respects and protects human rights. Social justice believes that all individuals deserve fair treatment and equal benefits of the society. It acknowledges that individuals you may encounter in the world and in the health profession may be oppressed or discriminated against.

2. Explain how awareness of concepts such as oppression, power, privilege, and empowerment are important in social justice work, what those terms mean to you professionally and personally, and provide any specific examples of how you have benefited or been oppressed by any of these terms/labels.

Awareness of oppression, power, privilege, and empowerment are all important in social justice counseling because despite an individual’s status they deserve fair treatment. Acknowledging that these individuals may be discriminated against and oppressed can help you tailor the advocacy necessary for these individuals. I hold membership in both groups that are considered privileged and oppressed. I believe it is my multiple group memberships in both privileged and oppressed groups that make me cognizant of the impact that privilege and oppression have on each of our lives. Because of this awareness, it is important that I facilitate awareness and recognition of privilege and oppression issues in future profession.
Professionally, oppression is characterized by domination and subordination. The dominating group exercises their power by restricting access to res...

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...onal disturbances and illness. I know that I cannot completely correct these issues for these individuals but I would like to promote the importance of mental health and empowerment for these individuals. This can happen by creating social networks and training peer counselors to increase efficacy, competence with working with these populations. Teaching the various ways oppression and social inequities can be manifested at the individual, cultural, and societal levels. Personally I would participate in a critical reflection on issues of race, ethnicity, oppression, power, and privilege in your own life. I can implement mental health intervention programs aimed at addressing the needs of this marginalized populations. I also can also develop system intervention and advocacy skills to promote social change within institutional settings, neighborhoods, and communities.

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