The Pursuit Of Becoming Successful Essay

The Pursuit Of Becoming Successful Essay

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In the quest to become successful, you strive to become a better person in many aspects of life – your personality, discipline, time management, among others. You even set smaller goals that you can achieve daily. You keep yourself motivated via reading articles, books, and watching videos on self-improvement. One aspect that you could be overlooking is your environment- the friends that you keep. Are they negative?
Truth be told, it is no fun to spend time with negative friends. But before we delve into how to get rid of friends you consider ‘negative’, how do you identify negative friends?
The easiest way is by identifying how they make you feel. Do you feel ‘down’ after spending time with them? Anxious or afraid when they are calling or texting? Or even when you receive an email from them, or see a tweet from them? Do you feel tired, defeated, stressed out, emotionally drained, and frustrated after meeting them? Do you have a ‘bad feeling’ about the person?
It is important to note that we all have our bad days, and if your friend is having a bad patch, you need to be there to pick...

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