Essay on Pursuing English Education Changed My Life

Essay on Pursuing English Education Changed My Life

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Throughout life, many people and events have a major impact on future decisions that will, hopefully, lead to great success. For myself, deciding on pursuing English Education changed my life for the better. All my life, I had always wanted to become a type of doctor, from pediatric oncologist to gynecologist. As I aged, however, I realized I was not the type of person who was ambivalent about working late and fickle hours my whole life, especially since I planned on having a family at some point. Once I had this realization there was some thinking I had to do in order to figure out what I was meant to become. Eventually, with the help of a teacher, I discovered the love I had for education. Without this teacher, I may have never realized my calling. This was Mrs. Vorhis.
One of the most important people in my life is Mrs. Kelly Vorhis. When someone talks about that teacher everyone wishes they had because of how amazing their classes are and because of how great of a person they are, that is Mrs. Vorhis. No matter what happened in class, she never treated anyone any differently tha...

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