Pursuing An Mba At The United States Air Force

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I am interested in pursuing an MBA at this point in my career to better prepare myself as I transition out of the military in the near future. A MBA from GWU will further define the leadership and managerial skills I have already learned inside the United States Air Force. In addition to an MBA, my past experience with managing people inside very harsh climates and physically and mentally challenging scenarios will set me apart from others in the career path I choose. Earning an MBA has always been a dream of mine, but one I never thought would be attainable because of the constant deployments and the financial requirements it takes to obtain an MBA. Fortunately, right now in my life I’m in a position where these conditions do not exist because I currently have tuition assistance through the military and my job is one that is non-deployable. This type of situation is a rarity in the armed services so it will be in my best interest to take advantage of this opportunity. There is no other time better than now to pursue this dream that I thought was unobtainable. Another reason this MBA...

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