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It was a cold winter at night, Saleem was sent to the nearest hospital after suffering an accident during his football game, Saleem had dislocated his knee, ironically right after scoring the wining touchdown for his team.
" Look at his left knee!. I am not sure it's either broken or dislocated!. We need a doctor! Someone call an ambulance!." Coach Achiron knew it was a very serious injury, he also knew this could easily end Saleem's career. In pain and agony Saleem was screaming, not being able to speak. His mind, in all the unspoken thoughts he had at that moment, Saleem passed out. The next morning Saleem woke up, still feeling the effects of the morphine, the first person he saw standing right next to him was his mother. Feeing his son's pain Saleem's mother kneel to the floor and lean her head on his son's shoulder. "My son, you had me so worried. I don't know what would happened to my heart if I ever see you suffer like that again. I felt so useless, I couldn't do anything to help you. I'm sorry." His mother was truly worried, it seemed that there was nothing anybody, not even her own son could say to make her sorrow go away. In a soft voice Saleem's mother found the will to ask her son a question she thought she never had to ask his son. " Saleem, I know that you are a fighter and that you never give up on what you want. I am very proud of you for that, but for once you have to think of your physical well being and live your pride behind. Please don't insist on going back to football after this." Immediately after his mother paused, Saleem turn his eyes to her, "Dear mother, no pain in the world would make me stop doing what I love to do the most. After dad die, I made a promise to myself I will never l...

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...imidated or looked worried about his knee. As he looked at the bleaches he saw his mother next to his two best friends Tom and Roseline. They both gave him a thumps up symbolizing their support. Saleem's mother smiled back at him because now she felt his son's happiness. She was really proud to see his son overcome adversity and reach his goal. At the end of the game Saleem scored the wining touchdown. This made all his hard work worth, and he knew that from up above his father was proud for what he has become. Nowadays Saleem writes stories, and became one of the greatest authors. To day he can proudly said he writes stories to honor both his mother and his father. In all his stories he keeps that love for the game alive, to send his audience a small piece of his passion to remind himself that he is this successful thanks to the decisions he made in the past.

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