Pursuing A Nursing Career Essay

Pursuing A Nursing Career Essay

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“Progress looks like a bunch of failures and you 're going to have feelings about that because it’s sad but you can’t fall apart. And then one day , you will succeed.” (Grey’s Anatomy) It is the law of life that significant events will occur throughout a human’s existence on Earth. We exist, survive, and thrive because we are able to change. With that in mind, I am grateful for all the opportunities that have and continue to be given to me despite my past failures,lack of inspiration and confidence.
I was on a mission everyday trying to decrypt what type of life I should lead, my mind was always adopting new identities but my options were limitless. I knew I was an individual and since we all do not look the same our purposes can not be either. Pursuing a nursing career was not a plan, throughout my developing years I fathomed the thought of being in the medical field because it is science based and it is persistently evolving which would give me constant interest. My strong passion for science granted me the opportunity of being placed in the STEP program (Science Training Education Program) at SUNY Old Westbury.
However, my drawback was that I had no ambition because life did not have significance or purpose to me. With this in mind, I planned on enlisting in the U.S Navy Medical Corp. after graduating High School. I underestimated my potential and believed that I could not obtain a position in the medical field by attending college . I also had little concern whether or not I was put in a battlefield where my life would be at risk . I was halfway through college when I decided to place this thought into action, I would potentially become a lieutenant, provided that I finished my degree. Subsequently, I trekked through col...

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...ains, mountains that many of us would not have the strength to climb for fear of spending the rest of our lives climbing it. I have now adopted better study habits that enhances my learning, which is one of the reasons why my grades improved. Had I went to Stony Brook University after graduating High School I would not have represented the school for the prestigious reputation held by this institution. In addition, I have witnessed student nurses as well as new graduates surrender to the pressure of the job and later come to the decision that nursing is not their passion. On the other hand, I am convinced that I am a strong candidate because I have faced the difficulties of the job already and have full understanding of the responsibilities of a registered nurse. This is my desire and I am positive that I want to continue in the medical field for the rest of my life.

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