Pursuing A Master Of Business Administration With A Business Analyst Consultant

Pursuing A Master Of Business Administration With A Business Analyst Consultant

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“Ask yourself if what you’re doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow”. This quote has empowered me to take a deeper look at my current situation to decide the next step to reaching success. Ever since I could remember, I was always fond of working in corporate development as a business analyst consultant for a top management team of a financial company.
After having two years of related work experience as business analyst in the healthcare industry, I want to push myself to gain the necessary knowledge to pursue a better career. I want the knowledge and skills to help companies analyze and recognize problems to execute changes that will resolve business processes, which will implement better designs to increase in revenue. I always dreamed of being successful in a career where my ideas improve business operations and a company’s decision process. In order to get closer to where I want to be tomorrow is the reason I’m anticipating on pursuing a Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Business Analytics at the Ohio University.
Overall, I have been working in the healthcare industry for more than five years. Around two years ago, I started working for a healthcare facility called HealthSpan. Taking a risk, I relinquished a full-time job as a case manager at a community center for a private contractor position for a fresh new start on a different career path. Within my new assignment, I started working as an account manager dealing with individual insurance members and small group corporate clients that had various insurance plans. Shortly afterwards, the company promoted and hired me on full time as an insurance validation specialist/business analyst responsible for quality assurance inclu...

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...Recognizing where I’m headed after the completion of an MBA and knowing when I’m devoted to a cause or goal I always succeed my own expectations. I have never been more motivated to get a MBA, until the departure of my last job when my circumstances changed tremendously. When I was with HealthSpan my assiduous workmanship, dedication, and hard work promoted me quite hastily because of the impact and contributions I made with the company. At this point in my life, realization showed me that the absence of an MBA will prohibit me from following the route of gaining improvement in advance leadership skills, roles, and function extensiveness. Studying at your university will enrich my cognizance in this field and give me means to understand my dreams and accomplish my goals. My future career will positively reflect on this MBA program, if given the amazing opportunity.

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