Pursuing A Clinical Psychology Degree At Northwestern University Feinberg School Of Medicine

Pursuing A Clinical Psychology Degree At Northwestern University Feinberg School Of Medicine

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I loved psychology even before I was aware of what it was. As far back as I can recall, I have been compelled to understand how others thought. My siblings and I have radically different forms of thought so I learned early on that, even when coming from similar backgrounds, each person thinks and thus behaves uniquely. This interest coalesced with my academic fervor once I reached college through the subject of psychology. While my knowledge has advanced greatly under my undergraduate education, my thirst for knowledge is unquenched. I knew from the first psychology class that I would pursue this subject through the graduate level in order to contribute my to psychological research. I would be excited to pursue a Clinical Psychology doctorate degree at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Throughout college, I have sought to make myself well rounded in my academic pursuits. Therefore, aside from my psychology major, my academics also include the West Chester Honors College, an English Literature minor and involvement in Greek Life.. The West Chester Honors College is an academically elite area of West Chester University that emphasizes leadership, community service and academic excellence. Of the approximately 3,500 students enrolled in West Chester every year, the Honors College accepts only 40 students. The curriculum of the Honors College differs from the core classes for the rest of the campus and instead focus on personal leadership through interdisciplinary courses. It was the acceptance into this academically competitive component of West Chester University as well as being awarded the Board of Governor’s Scholarship, a merit-based scholarship that covers four years of academic tuition, that encouraged...

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...in the Bipolar Disorder Technology Laboratory under the guidance of Dr. Dopke and Dr. Goulding will provide a mutually beneficial relationship.

My career goal to work as a scientist-practitioner clinical psychologist in a medical environment lead me to discover the Clinical Psychology doctorate degree at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. My collegian pursuits in West Chester University’s Honors College, an English literature minor, Greek Life and a psychology major in coordination with my research experiences have molded me into a a well rounded and passionate person. Each of these skills have only fueled my desire to understand and assist others through the lens of psychology. All of my experiences have lead me to this vocational path of pursing a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

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