Pursuing a Career in a Bad Economy

Pursuing a Career in a Bad Economy

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Pursuing a career in a bad economy isn’t easy. You see, I want to be in anime, a form of Japanese cartoons. I’ve wanted to do this ever since I was in third grade when I found out what it was. I’ve been finding out what I need to do ever since but information does not come easy. Finding a company to by my idea is not the hard part it’s getting stared in in an economy that is as bad as it is.
During this project I learned that there were many causes of the recession of 2008. One of them was a sudden rise in oil prices. Oil is used in powering most of the world’s transportation devices and generators. Although oil is a non-renewable resource we still used it in mass amounts. When Iraq, a major distributor of oil for the world, could not keep up with the demand due to some internal issues with the country many countries suffered. This caused a shortage of oil and a rise in prices.
Another cause was poor loaning with banks. Banks were loaning out money to just about anyone who asked for it. Many people could not pay these loans that they asked for and received. Knowing that some people could not pay back their loans the bank still loaned out money to many of these people. This made the banks lose money and many shut down or got bought out.
The last cause that I found was that our dollar had gone weak due to imports. Exports make your dollar weak while imports make it stronger in this case the US did to many imports and not enough exports to balance it out. Due to the US doing mostly imports during the years 2007-08 we were not making as much money as we could have. This made us lose many and should buy as many imports. This caused a shortage of many goods and made their prices increase.
Although there are many issues we have learned to deal with them though many strategies. One strategy used is living within your means. By this I mean buying what you needs for you and/or your family. This means buying things like food, clothes (cheap clothes from places like Goodwill), paying bills first, and furniture for your house.

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That also means not buying extras like too many snacks, not eating out as often, and gadgets that are too expensive. Another is setting goals and sticking to them. This helps you focus on what is happening and what you needs to do. It will allow you to eliminate anything that might hinder you in your pursuit. Lastly make a rainy day fund. Save a little bit of each check and put in a safe place. Also save some of your bonuses and overtime. This helps you keep some extra money for yourself in case you need some for bills or food.
This part of the research helped to better understand what I need to know for what I’m heading into when I start to make a career for myself. I made me think about what I can look forward to, avoid doing and make sure that I do. This is important because it could get better or worse and I need to be prepared for anything in my career as an anime creator.
Ever since I was in the third grade I’ve wanted to do something in anime. I had first heard about it then but because I had never had internet access until I was about 11 or 12 years old I had never been able to research it just watch and draw it. I want to have my own anime show but I also have backup plans in case this doesn’t work out. Finding this information isn’t easy after four years I have finally found all of the correct information I need. Most of the information I had found was for making someone else’s idea come to life and not your own which isn’t what I want to do so I tried cartoon creator since anime and cartoons are similar and are made in the same formatting and it helped get to websites that had all of the right information.
Making money could be an issue. Many creators of anime make about $65,000 a year so I could make a decent amount of money from making my own show. Unfortunately income looks to be unstable and has been lowering since April 2013. So this could be threatening for my favored type of industry. One reason is that anime is mostly shown on the internet and don’t have as many sponsors as other shows and TV networks and the commercials that are seen are for the website’s benefit not so much the shows. So the income is not guaranteed.
Education would be the easiest. Like I said before carton creation is similar to anime creation so they require the same level of education, which is very little. The companies that buy ideas for shows often look for the most highly educated but don’t have any requirements for it except for basic education as in K-12. So what I plan to do is get a degree in Art and 2D animation and have a bachelor’s in both. Also due to limitations in income of my career I don’t plan on going back to school unless in need to find a new job so it would be important for me to work hard the first time and do better now. Right now I’m in an early college program which will help me to get my associates in Art and my diploma which will reduce the need for some classes in college so I’ve already started. These choices will help me to qualify and maybe even over qualify for what I want to do. But I will have to have a plan for the unstable income that I will receive.
So how do my career and the economy relate? Well first the dollar has weakened so things cost more. It will be harder to pay for college because it has increased price and I may have to travel so that will also increase the price. Also because of the unstable salary for my career I can’t be sure of my money and with the cost of living changing that could cause some major problems. The best thing for me to do would be to live cheap and save a lot. I have to buy what I need first such as food, clothes, bills, a car, etc. and avoid extra spending until I have covered the important cost. Though this exclude if my spouse will have a job or if i join one of the bigger animation companies like Funimation or Shonen Jump which will come with a larger income because they have extra sources of income not just shows.
In the story the Great Gatsby, Gatsby is corrupted by having a lot of money and focusing on something that probably wouldn’t have happened. He lived too wealthy and that’s what corrupted him so I because of this I will live simply but also happily. I won’t only buy wants and focus on the past but look to the future and enjoy what I already have. He also lived in a booming economy and came from poor roots. His most admirable quality was his determination. He worked his way up from being poor to his wealthy position that he had. Being determined is the only thing that won’t fail you it will keep you going even if everything doesn’t work out.
So the economy will only be an obstacle for me to get around so working hard and being determined will get me around it. I also know that I will have to be very careful because of my constantly changing salary and live simply but also enjoy myself every now and again so that i can enjoy what I’ve worked for. Getting there will take some work and require me to get a job to help pay for things until I can get my career started. And just like Gatsby I will have to work hard and be determined to obtained my desired career.

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