Purpose Statement For A Non Profit Specialist Essay

Purpose Statement For A Non Profit Specialist Essay

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Marie’s Open Heart

Purpose Statement
My purpose statement is how to build a phenomenal non-profit specialist. Who is a non-profit specialist? A non-profit specialists is a group of people who build a close relationship with the community, give them assistances, without seeking profit. We want to seek better strategies gaining grant funds, fundraisers, proposals for up coming contracts, events, and continue to build a tight bond between the organization and the community/peers, and building empire with other nearby non-profit organization. On of main goal is find different methods to keep the fund flowing through the organization.

Who is the audience?
My audience that I am speaking with is everyone who is employed with “Marie’s Open Heart Non-Profit Foundation”. We do not want to be identified as just an employee; the community already knows you work for us. Everyone will be some type of “specialist”. As the essential task, plays out a particular quality-related capacity inside the association 's quality project. Cases incorporate administration delegate and testing master. Has gotten immediate preparing or has been playing out the action for various years.

What are their demographic characteristics?
Our non-profit so we are constantly looking for donations and creative ways to keep the money flow, no just our clients, but also for the people who work behind the scenes. Men and women taste is different when it comes being eye-catching just like young and old. Also people in a higher tax bracket may give more who are in lower; but the main thing it is the thought of giving is what matters most. Once we have everyone in their own specialist division like events, grants funds, street team, marathons, apparel, additional volu...

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... matter what level they stand on economic pyramid.

What factors influence the situation?
Hopefully we will be able to gain more organizations to join is in our journey. If people cant make it to our location there will be other locations with their doors open. We also we gain media like the local new channels, which will continue to spread our message. Hopefully social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., which share photos, and other precious moments giving back to our community.

As me the founder who wants to share my beloved sisters love, she would want to continue to strengthen the community by rebranding not just only our organization but also the community, so that way the world can see what little we’ve done has a team can make a huge difference on this earth. We can be strong inside and out like a “tree” we can continue grow extended branches.

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