The Purpose Of The Brochure Public Service Announcement Essay example

The Purpose Of The Brochure Public Service Announcement Essay example

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The purpose of the brochure public service announcement is to persuade readers to understand that the faculty of colleges, Dartmouth in particular, are ignorant to the intense hazing going on in the fraternities. The use of rhetorical questioning is used to make readers question if the administrations is taking necessary action to stop the hazing. The impact of morality in the brochure helps to determine the impact of making the right choices as apposed to the wrong ones. An allegory is evident to display the consequences of avoiding any kind of punishment towards the hazing. The appeal to the authority of the fraternities is questioned by the lack of any kind of enforcement on the hazing from the schools administration. All these rhetorical choices with in the public service announcement make for a strong persuasive argument as to why the faculties of colleges are not providing a safe environment for fraternity members.
The brochure has several thought provoking questions that highlight the major risks and issues that hazing causes. The purpose of these rhetorical questions is to i...

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