The Purpose Of Public Education Essay

The Purpose Of Public Education Essay

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1. The purpose of public education in America was to instill wisdom from the past through great literature, science and math and therefore giving people the ability to be well rounded and successful. The more modern purpose is to educate all citizens and provide a future for minorities, not just for the elite, with the goal of all citizens being prepared for jobs and breaking the cycle of poverty.
2. Many factors are having an impact on education in American Culture such as poverty, migrancy and, cultural and language diversity. Poverty gives children a higher risk of academic problems and the rate of poverty has increased in recent years. The increase in cultural and language diversity presents schools with the issue of developing appropriate education and trained teachers for culturally diverse students. Migrancy poses the problem for schools and teachers to connect with their students who move so frequently usually do to their parents professions.
3. More minority students are in the special education population because they are not proficient in english and some schools don’t always have the appropriate means to provide language services to those students, many minority students live in poverty that affects their education, and there are test bias that hold them back from succeeding.
4. The best culturally responsive methods for educations include having teachers with specialized training for ESL and bilingual children or teachers that are bilingual, and having an understanding classroom environment that is sensitive to cultural differences by using their individual cultures and languages in ways that support them and enhance their learning. Educators help families of culturally diverse students by including them their child...

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...ings face resent when their parents provide more attention to the child with special needs and when they are younger, have various questions about their sibling and their disability.
3. The Family Life cycle is basic outline in order of family life starting with a couple, couple with infant, preschool children, school age children, teenagers, college, launching, and finally an empty nest. Support is needed throughout their child’s preschool years through IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) and when they age into elementary school the child is provided with an IEP (Individualized Education Plan). While all the forms of support help their child develop and learn in school with services they need, the support also helps the parents better understand their child’s disability and provides them with the right information and training to help their child at home.

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