The Purpose Of Packaging Of A World With Growing Online Presence Essay

The Purpose Of Packaging Of A World With Growing Online Presence Essay

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The purpose of packaging in a world with growing online presence.

Hypothesis :

Due to the incremental growth in online shopping and retail, the purpose of packaging has changed for consumers as well as brands. In what way can we make this system more sustainable?

Introduction :

What if humans designed products and systems that celebrate an abundance of human creativity, culture, and productivity? That are so intelligent and safe, our species leaves an ecological footprint to delight in, not lament?”

In the past few years, the world of online shopping and retail has seen monumental progress. 81% of internet users shop online or browse through to research products online before they buy them. In the world of “Click to Buy”, consumers are spending more money and less time to shop. Websites like Amazon, Asos, Ebay and Argos have made it possible for consumers to sit in the comfort of their home and still get all the information of a product before buying it. With increasing popularity in this trend, the consumers do not interact with packaging in-store, but after they have already purchased the product. The role of packaging in this case, becomes to enhance a consumers’ fulfillment stage post-purchase.

The aim of this essay is to redefine the purpose of packaging for online retail and shopping. By exploring a range of online shopping habits and rituals, as well as the importance of sustainability in packaging it may be possible to successfully make the system more sustainable and increase sales.

The change in consumer shopping behaviour

In the book “Packaging in an online world”, according to the research by Shikatani Lacroix - a design consultancy - web based shoppers are more loyal to a brand by upto 15% than sho...

... middle of paper ...

...ore, we end up harming the environment more by shopping online. Most online retail websites include packaging made of cardboard boxes or plastic bags. Moreover to ensure that your item is delivered safely and securely, it may be covered with tape or filled with non-biodegradable protectors like foam peanuts and bubble wrap. Upon surveying 100 Millennials living in the UK, I found 64% who said that once the item is delivered, the packaging is thrown away while only 24% said that they make sure to re-cycle the packaging.
• Can the retail (sales) pack be simplified for home delivery?
• Are there alternative delivery systems or packaging options that reduce impacts and costs?
• Can the outer (secondary grouping and transport) packaging be eliminated or minimised?
• Is there a role for re-usable packages?
• Can the outer dimensions be changed to improve pallet fill?

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